Local Government

Monthly Focus Calendar

NSW Industrial Relations has designed a monthly focus theme calendar of events to assist councils in a series of how to guides in applying the provisions of the Local Government (State) Award 2020. Each theme module is designed to develop the skills and knowledge to meet the requirements under the award. Joins us for a series of recorded webinars that will focus on the details of various entitlements that cover Local Government workers. This program is designed to help, support and improve workplace relations in NSW councils including enhance skills and knowledge in industrial legislation.

How do we help?

NSW Industrial Relations promotes compliance with industrial legislation by providing information, advice and assistance relating to industrial entitlements, undertaking industrial inspections and industry targeted campaigns, where necessary, prosecuting breaches of industrial law. 

Check our monthly focus calendar for further information.


Focus Theme


Hours of work including spread and arrangement of hours, penalty rates, allowances, public holidays and overtime


Forms of leave including sick leave, carers’ leave, long service leave and annual leave


Parental Leave, Flexible Working, Phase Retirement and Family And Domestic Violence Leave


Forms of employment including part-time, job share, casual, fixed term contracts and labour hire

June Workplace Bullying and Anti-discrimination

Grievance and Dispute Procedures          


Workplace change and redundancy
September Disciplinary Procedures


Consultative Committees
November Training and development    


COVID-19 Annual Holidays Act Amendment – FAQ

NSW Local Government (COVID-19) Splinter (Interim) Award 2021