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About long service leave

The Long Service Leave Act 1955 (the Act) provides full-time, part-time and casual workers (or any combination of these throughout the period of service) in NSW to 2 months (8.6667 weeks) paid long service leave on completion of 10 years service.  Section 4(2)(a3) of the Act defines a month as 4 1/3 weeks (4.3333 recurring).

Once an employee has completed 15 years of service, only completed years of service will count towards long service leave, and the period of service ends at the last completed year.

The Act also provides for a pro rata entitlement after five years, if the worker:

  • resigns as a result of illness, incapacity, domestic or other pressing necessity,
  • is terminated for any reason other than serious and wilful misconduct,
  • or dies.


Step 1 - Period of employment

Please note that casual service before 9 May 1985 does not count as service and should be excluded from the calculation.

Start Date
End Date

Step 2 - Absences that do not count as service

Further details, including information on parental leave, is available at the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website.


Long service leave already taken (whole weeks)

Step 3 - Calculate

Step 4 – Leave already taken

Any long service leave taken should be manually subtracted from this calculation.

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