Inspectorate Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

We promote compliance with NSW industrial legislation by: 

  • providing information, advice, and assistance relating to industrial entitlements, undertaking industrial inspections and industry targeted campaigns and, where necessary, prosecuting breaches of industrial law 
  • maintaining close links within the NSW community through a strategic engagement team liaising directly with employers, employees, and vulnerable workers through a comprehensive education program, which includes e-learning modules and digital credential programs. 
  • monitoring and reporting on compliance with the NSW Industrial Relations Guidelines: Building and Construction Procurement

The purpose of the NSW Industrial Relations Stakeholder Engagement Strategy is to build strong relationships with stakeholders to build awareness and understanding of NSW Industrial Relations legislation and our compliance activities.

The aim is to create a compliance culture in local government, transport, construction, and private sector workplaces through collaboration with stakeholders, and education to prevent and deter unlawful behaviour.  

These Stakeholders include:  

  • the public  
  • unions and employee representatives  
  • industry and employer associations 
  • small business peak bodies 
  • government departments and agencies at the federal and state/territory level 
  • business advisers 
  • accountants/bookkeepers 
  • non-government and community organisations (e.g., not-for-profit groups, community legal centres and migrant resource centres) 
  • academia 

Note: This Strategy does not directly apply to individual workers, employers, or other entities when they interact with us as customers, or to the exercise of our statutory compliance and enforcement powers. Our customers and their interactions are supported by our Complaint Handling Policy (Managing Complaints of Non-Compliance Policy in NSW). 

Please click here for a full outline of the Inspectorate Stakeholder Engagement Strategy (PDF, 105 KB)