Public Sector Industrial Relations eLearning Modules

Public Sector Industrial Relations Fundamentals

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1. Industrial Relations in the NSW Public Sector 

Gain understanding of the industrial relations framework in the NSW public sector and the types of industrial instruments that govern employment conditions of public sector employees.

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2. Sources of Employment Conditions 

Be introduced to the different sources that can determine employment conditions of NSW government sector employees and the types of conditions and entitlements that can be determined.

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3. Navigating the State and National Industrial Relations Systems

Understand and identify the differences between the state and national systems, their functions, the types of enterprise agreements and industrial action that may be taken within those systems.

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Public Sector Advocacy Skills

4. Introduction to Advocacy

Learn about the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW and its jurisdiction, as well as your role as an advocate representing clients before the IRC. 

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5. NSW Industrial Relations Commission Proceedings, Evidence and Witnesses

Understand the process, administrative procedures and stages of proceedings before the NSW Industrial Relations Commission as well as the types of evidence, including witnesses, that can be considered by the IRC in proceedings.

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