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Public Sector Awards

Common public sector awards containing salaries, wages and conditions of employment for NSW public sector employees.

All awards were made in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission and are published on the Commission's website.

Industrial Relations Commission website - Awards page

Public Sector Industrial Awards Drafting Guide

The Industrial Awards Drafting Guide has been prepared in conjunction with the Plain English Foundation.

The Guide sets out key best practice principles for drafting or reviewing Awards in respect of structure, layout, content, and drafting style including written expression and use of the “Plain English” language.

The Guide is intended to be used as a resource for the public sector when drafting new Awards or reviewing existing Awards. The techniques it includes can be used to support making Awards as consistent and as readable as possible without compromising legal meaning.

Industrial Awards Drafting Guide (PDF) 556 KB

Salaries and wages

The Crown Employees (Public Sector – Salaries 2022) Award provides increases to wages, salaries and allowances payable to employees covered by various public sector Awards, Agreements and Determinations, as listed in Schedule A to the Award.

Crown Employees (Public Sector – Salaries 2022) Award

Crown Employees Wages Staff (Rates of Pay) Award 2022

Conditions of Employment

Conditions of employment applying to most Public Service employees are contained in the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009.

The Award covers non-executive public service employees, as defined in the Government Sector Employment Act 2013, except where another industrial instrument or arrangement applies to the employees.

Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009

Other awards

Crown Employees (Administrative and Clerical Officers - Salaries) Award 2007

Crown Employees (General Staff - Salaries) Award 2007

Crown Employees (Transferred Employees Compensation) Award