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Public Sector eLearning

Public Sector Industrial Relations offers the opportunity for employee relations and human resources professionals to accelerate their knowledge and understanding of employee relations in the NSW public sector through the completion of our eLearning program.

Participants can seek to have their eLearning formally recognised through attainment of verified digital credentials that can be shared digitally. This requires participants to register and pass a short assessment for each eLearning module completed. Learn more about digital credentials.               

How will I benefit?

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Our eLearning will provide you with essential knowledge that NSW public sector industrial relations professionals require to competently perform their role.

It will help you navigate through the NSW public sector industrial relations framework and avoid non-compliance with industrial laws that could result in legal risk or reputational damage to your agency.

Whether you are new to the public sector, transitioning from a human resources or related role, have higher-level oversight of industrial relations or simply need to update your knowledge or fill some gaps, the eLearning will benefit you.

How will my Organisation benefit?

Our eLearning aims to achieve a baseline of industrial relations knowledge in all agencies across the sector. It will upskill human resources and industrial relations professionals with sector-specific employee relations knowledge.

The eLearning will promote compliance and consistency of practice. This will mitigate risk for your agency and the NSW public sector.

It will also increase employee mobility by reducing barriers to promotion to broader or higher-level roles.

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What will I learn?

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The eLearning is made up of short modules that are grouped into two main areas of learning.

  1. Public Sector Industrial Relations Fundamentals
    Gain a broad overview of industrial relations in the NSW public sector.
  2. Public Sector Advocacy Skills
    Learn skills to represent your agency in matters before the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

Public Sector Industrial Relations will release further eLearning modules as they become available.

Learning Options

You have two eLearning options:

Option 1. Complete individual modules, as needed

  • Quickly obtain specific knowledge (No certification provided)

Option 2. Work through all modules and earn digital credentials 

  • Earn digital credentials endorsed by Public Sector Industrial Relations and recognised by employers across the NSW public sector.
  • Complete an assessment for each module to qualify for the digital credential.
  • On qualifying, you will be issued with an accredited badge verifying your achievement.
  • Display your badge on social media, emails, and your resume.

Learn more about digital credentials.

Start eLearning

If you have any questions about the eLearning program, please ask your agency’s designated Advisor in PSIR.

Public Sector eLearning Modules