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Our workshop program is reviewed regularly with new workshops and locations added to the event calendar every week.

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Most private sector employees in NSW still receive their rights in relation to long service leave under the NSW Long Service Leave Act 1955. This presentation will assist employers understand pro rata long service leave and how it is paid.

Questions to consider are do casual employees accrue long service leave and how is long service taken.

So book in to clarify your questions about long service leave.

Getting workers entitlements right is so important for any business and its financial outcomes. In this Masterclass workshop, you will learn all you need to know about LSL and how it works from A to Z.

This session will also include how to perform hands on calculations to have you ready to tackle any LSL situations in your business. Then enrol now!

There are many myths surrounding workplace law and dispelling fact from fiction can at times be a daunting exercise. Working through the various layers of employment legislation can be confusing for employers.

This workshop helps employers better understand their responsibilities and the rights of their employees. Some of the topics covered include leave entitlements, flexibility arrangements and other workplace conditions including obligations relating to leave entitlements and workplace arrangements. Enrol now!

Calculating wages and entitlements can often be a complex and confusing task. Issues such as calculating overtime, shift penalties and allowances are not always straightforward. These issues are the responsibility of the employer but in most instances, it is the accountant, bookkeeper or payroll person that undertakes the initial calculation.

This session will help you better understand how to pay leave entitlements, understand your obligations regarding record keeping, providing payslips and other issues relevant to your role. Enrol now!

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