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About our workshop program

Our workshop program is reviewed regularly with new workshops and locations added to the event calendar every week.

Learn more about the content and benefits of our free and paid workshops below.

Free workshops

Best Practice in NSW - Understanding Long Service Leave

This workshop will explain in detail the main provisions of the NSW Long Service Leave Act 1955 and how they are applied in practical terms.

This workshop is intended to assist employers in responding to employee applications for long service leave and will provide guidance of things to consider in determining the eligibility of an employee entitlement including the calculation of pro rata payments and casual entitlements.

Best Practice in NSW – Paying Employees

Processing payments for wages, overtime, shift penalties and allowances can often be a complex and confusing task.

This workshop is intended to help payroll, bookkeepers and accountants better understand obligations regarding record keeping, providing payslips and how to calculate and pay leave entitlements.

Best Practice in NSW – Employer’s Responsibilities

Sorting through the various layers of employment legislation and determining what is relevant to their workplace and what isn't can be a very confusing and overwhelming process for employers.

This workshop intends to help employers better understand their responsibilities in the workplace and compliance with relevant entitlements and conditions of employment.

Industrial Relations for Local Government

The purpose of this workshop is to provide the participants with information about Industrial Relations legislation that applies to local Government workplaces and also provide an overview of the major provisions of the NSW Local Government (State) Award 2017, including flexible work arrangements, parental leave, unfair dismissal and termination of employment.

Understanding IR for Aboriginal Employers

Working through the various layers of employment legislation can be confusing for employers.

This workshop helps Aboriginal employers better understand their responsibilities in the workplace in relation to employee leave entitlements and conditions of employment.

Paid workshops

Best Practice in NSW – Performance Management

Are you worried about unfair dismissal? If you're an employer, a manager or a supervisor you might find reviewing and managing the performance of your teams to be one of the least pleasant aspects of your role. 

This workshop is intended to share with you various tips and tricks to make performance management easier and less stressful for everyone involved.

Best Practice in NSW – Workplace Policies

Good workplace policies help provide clear direction to staff on expected behaviours, conduct and performance requirements. Constant changes in Industrial law has delivered new challenges for employers and it is essential that your workplace policies reflect the change in legislation.

This workshop is intended to assist you in understanding how to develop policies that are easily understood, encourage compliance, and importantly meet your business requirements.

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