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Holidays for NSW under the Public Holidays Act 2010

In determining workplace entitlements that apply on public holidays, employees/employers should always refer to the terms of the relevant industrial instrument (ie award, agreement or employment contract) and the National Employment Standards under the Fair Work Act 2009.





New Year's Day

Tuesday, 1 January

 Wednesday, 1 January

Friday, 1 January

2 Australia Day

Monday, 28 January

Monday, 27 January

Tuesday, 26 January

Good Friday

Friday, 19 April

 Friday, 10 April

Friday, 2 April

Easter Saturday - the Saturday following Good Friday

Saturday, 20 April

Saturday, 11 April 

Saturday, 3 April

Easter Sunday

Sunday, 21 April

 Sunday, 12 April

Sunday, 4 April

Easter Monday

Monday, 22 April

Monday, 13 April 

Monday, 5 April

4 Anzac Day

Thursday, 25 April

Saturday, 25 April

Sunday, 25 April

Queen's Birthday

Monday, 10 June

 Monday, 8 June

Monday, 14 June

1 Bank Holiday

Monday, 5 August

 Monday, 3 August

Monday, 2 August

Labour Day

Monday, 7 October

 Monday, 5 October

Monday, 4 October

Christmas Day public holiday

Wednesday, 25 December

 Friday, 25 December

Saturday, 25 December

3 Additional Day     Monday, 27 December

Boxing Day

Thursday, 26 December

Saturday, 26 December

Sunday, 26 December

3 Additional Day


Monday, 28 December

Tuesday, 28 December

1 Applies to banks and certain financial institutions see Retail Trading Act 2008Please note that from 21 December 2018, responsibility for administering the provisions of the Retail Trading Act 2008 transferred to Fair Trading NSW. You can contact Fair Trading NSW on 13 32 20 or at
2 From 31/12/11 when Australia Day (26 January) falls on a Saturday or Sunday, there will be no public holiday on that day as the following Monday will be declared a public holiday.
3 From 31/12/11, the Act provides for an extra public holiday to be added when New Year's Day, Christmas Day or Boxing Day falls on a weekend.
Anzac Day is a public holiday on 25 April. There is no additional or substitute day when Anzac Day falls on a weekend.