Local Government Leave FAQs

Ongoing employees are entitled to 3 weeks (15 days) of paid sick leave for illness or injury each year.

If an employee is on a fixed-term or temporary basis of less than twelve months; will receive one (1) week of sick leave on commencement and a further one week of sick leave after each four months of continuous service.

Yes. An employee’s unused sick leave entitlements will continue to accrue from one year to another. For example, if you have accrued 3 weeks sick leave in year 1 and only taken 1 week of leave, then 2 weeks leave will continue to accrue into the next year of service.

This depends on the circumstances. The employer may require proof of the illness or injury in each year of service proof of illness or injury is not required for the first 3 separate periods of absence, provided it is not more than 2 working days.

Refer to clause 22 (A) for further details on sick leave requirements under this Award.

Yes, but only with agreement between the employer and employee.

Refer to the individual Council policy.

An employee is entitled to utilise their accrued sick leave entitlements to support people they have caring responsibilities for, if specified under Clause 22 (B) subclause (v)(b) of the Award.

Refer to Clause 22 (B) subclause (v)(b) to clarify who is a specified person under this Award.

An employee (other than a casual) receives for every year of service, 4 weeks of paid annual leave; or 5 weeks of paid annual leave if the employee is regularly required to work a seven day a week.

No, there is no leave loading entitlements under the award.

Please see the award for ordinary pay details for leave.

Following legislative changes local government employees can now cash out some of their annual leave, provided they will still have at least 4 weeks annual leave accrued. This must be done by agreement between the employee and the employer.

Full Time and Part Time employees accrue Long Service Leave (LSL) based on their continuous years of service. 


Length of Service


After 5 years' service

6.5 weeks

After 10 years' service

13 weeks

After 15 years

19.5 weeks

After 20 years

30.5 weeks

For every completed period of 5 years' service thereafter

11 weeks

Casual employees in the local government sector accrue long service leave under the Long Service Leave Act 1955 (NSW). Under the Long Service Leave Act 1955 (NSW), employees accrue 2 months (8.667 weeks) of long service leave once they provide 10 years of service for an employer. They may be entitled to pro-rata long service leave after 5 years service in certain circumstances.