Aboriginal Community Engagement Unit

About the Aboriginal Community Engagement Unit

NSW IR's Aboriginal Community Engagement Unit provides information and advice on industrial relations, employment and related matters to help improve the employment conditions experienced by Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders in New South Wales.

Since 2001 the Unit has been assisting Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders in NSW to understand their rights and responsibilities as employers, managers and employees.


Information Sessions and workshops

The Aboriginal Community Engagement Unit provides initial telephone/e-mail information, identifies options and facilitates contact and refers clients to appropriate agencies wherever possible.

The Unit works closely with several government agencies to undertake visits to regional areas of NSW to:

  • educate indigenous employers and employees of their industrial rights and responsibilities; and
  • promote awareness about the services offered by the Unit and other agencies.


Acknowledgment of Country

Before your next meeting, whether be virtual or when we can begin holding face to face meetings, it is thoughtful to begin with an Acknowledgment of Country.

An Acknowledgement of Country is a way for us to pay our respect to the traditional owners of the land we meet on. It can be done before any meeting has begun. Anyone can say an acknowledgement, although a Welcome to Country is reserved for a traditional owner of the land you are meeting on to welcome those in attendance, usually reserved for a local elder.

When you give an Acknowledgment of Country, it is best to acknowledge the traditional people of the land you are meeting on by name, include Elder's past, present and emerging, as well as any Aboriginal people in attendance.


Contact Us

Call us on: 1300 361 968

Or email us at ACEU@industrialrelations.nsw.gov.au