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Who we are

Public Sector Industrial Relations is a team of highly skilled industrial relations professionals who provide quality advice to the NSW Government and public sector agencies on industrial relations in the NSW public sector. 

Our purpose

We develop public sector industrial relations policy to strengthen workforce capability and optimise business outcomes for the NSW public sector.

  • Lead and monitor industrial relations policy, strategy and practice ensuring consistency of application with Government policy objectives.
  • Implement the Government's Wages Policy in partnership with NSW Treasury.
  • Provide central, strategic support to the Minister for Industrial Relations, Cabinet and the Secretary of Treasury as Industrial Relations Secretary.

What we do

  • Provide strategic and expert advice and counsel on industrial relations issues, including broader implications of industrial relations policy and practice on public sector service delivery.
  • Manage major public sector industrial issues, including matters concerning awards, agreements and disputes that have a significant impact on service delivery.
  • Lead industrial relations negotiations across the NSW public sector and intervene in major industrial cases that have a sector-wide impact or set precedent.
  • Deliver learning and development initiatives to increase industrial relations capability in the NSW public sector.
  • Contribute to inter-jurisdictional collaboration across the public sector nationally.

Note: The functions of Public Sector Industrial Relations were formerly the responsibility of the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Policies and publications released prior to 1 July 2012 can be found attached to Memoranda and Circulars on the Department of Premier and Cabinet website.

Contact us

Public Sector Industrial Relations provides advice only to human resources and industrial relations personnel in NSW public sector agencies.

I am an industrial relations/human resources specialist in the NSW Public Sector.

  • Please contact your agency's designated officer in PSIR where the matter is unable to be resolved within your agency. You may email [email protected] if your PSIR contact is unavailable.

I am a NSW public sector employee seeking advice about my own employment:

  • Please contact the human resources or industrial relations section in your agency.

I am a NSW public sector manager seeking industrial relations advice:

  • Please contact the human resources or industrial relations section in your agency.