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Core responsibilities

NSW IR promotes compliance with industrial legislation by:

  • providing information, advice and assistance relating to industrial entitlements
  • undertaking industrial inspections and industry targeted campaigns
  • where necessary, prosecuting breaches of industrial law
  • has a specialist team to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in NSW understand their rights and responsibilities as employees, employers and managers.

NSW IR promotes workplace reform in NSW by:

  • advising employers, workers and unions on workplace reform issues
  • providing practical training on how to introduce implement and maintain workplace reform initiatives
  • publishing and distributing information that promotes best practice principles.

NSW IR leads industrial relations reform in the NSW public sector by:

  • providing innovative and principles based direction on industrial relations matters 
  • proactively developing and promoting best practice across the sector.

We also actively participate as a partner in the Commonwealth’s national workplace relations framework.

Primary legislation

NSW Industrial Relations administers the following legislation:

Related legislation

Other related legislation within the Industrial Relations Portfolio includes:

Our commitment to the Community

NSW Industrial Relations is a key contributor to The Treasury Strategic Plan.

The Plan articulates that our overarching purpose is to increase the living standards of the people of NSW by positioning ourselves as a trusted and influential advisor.

Our core values of excellence, integrity, accountability and trust guide us in our work. 

    Our commitment to the Treasurer and Minister for Industrial Relations

    NSW IR serves the government through: 

    • the provision of accurate, relevant, professional and timely advice and information on industrial relations strategies
    • successful delivery of NSW 2021 Plan priorities assigned to Treasury, and of any other initiatives assigned to the Treasurer and Minister for Industrial Relations by the Premier and/or Cabinet. 

    Our commitment to other government agencies

    NSW IR also works closely with other central agencies, service delivery agencies, state owned corporations and other public trading enterprises to consult on and develop policy for the implementation of industrial relations reforms.