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Public Sector IR - Legislation and Awards 

Employees in the NSW public sector have varied employment conditions according to the legislation and industrial award or agreement that applies to the type of job and employing agency. The legislation and awards for some of the major Public Service Groups and Non-Public Service Groups are listed below under Legislation and Awards.

Public Service Groups 

Legislation and major awards for Public Service groups are listed below.



Government Sector Employment Act 2013

Government Sector Employment Regulation 2014

Government Sector Employment Rules 2014

Transport Appeals Board Act 1980

Annual Holidays Act 1944

Long Service Leave Act 1955

Industrial Relations Act 1996

Anti-Discrimination Act 1977



Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009

Determination 1 of 2018 - Parental Leave for Employees in Relation to Altruistic Surrogacy and Permanent Out of Home Care Arrangements


Crown Employees (Public Sector - Salaries 2017) Award


Crown Employees Wages Staff (Rates of Pay) Award 2017


Crown Employees (Transferred Employees Compensation) Award

Crown Employees (Administrative and Clerical Officers - Salaries) Award 2007

Crown Employees (General Staff - Salaries) Award 2007


See also
NSW Awards (Industrial Relations Commission)


Non-Public Service Groups 

Awards and legislation for some major non-Public Service groups are available on the following websites: