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NSW IR Publications 

NSW IR has a range of publications to help employees and employers understand their rights and obligations under NSW industrial legislation. The list below includes all the publications that are available from NSW IR.

For information in different languages please visit our In another language page.

Publication Title


Annual leave and the NES

View [Fair Work Ombudsman]

Boxing Day 2017 fact sheet 

Download (pdf - 311Kb)

Employer obligations in relation to employment records and pay slips

View [Fair Work Ombudsman]

Employing staff in the home building industry

Download (pdf - 1.53Mb)

Employment Essentials - Ending employment

Download (pdf - 1.11Mb)

Employment Essentials - Managing people

Download (pdf - 1.33Mb)

Employment Essentials - Managing performance

Download (pdf - 1.31Mb)

Employment Essentials - Workplace policies and procedures

Download (pdf - 1.16Mb)

Entertainment Industry fact sheets


International Students Working in NSW


Maternity at Work

Download (pdf - 630Kb)

NSW building and construction guidelines fact sheets


NSW Real Estate Industry

Download (pdf - 483Kb)

Offered a job? Know your workplace rights

Download (pdf - 374Kb)

Prosecutions Policy

Download (pdf - 432Kb)

Retail Trading fact sheet 

Download (pdf - 203Kb)

Retail trading restrictions - a guide for take away liquor stores


Taxi Industry - A guide for taxi owners/operators


Taxi Industry - A guide for taxi drivers


Two Rivers


Working in NSW - Your basic workplace rights and responsibilities